Inspired by the Sioux word for ‘chief’, Itan represents the marriage of traditional values and contemporary learnings, introducing a refined approach that establishes us as a pioneer in the gold market. By creating harmony between delicate craftsmanship and new-age technology, we design exquisite designs that transcend tradition and trend.

Evolving over the years, our passion for glamour and dedication to perfection has helped us shine on the international arena. Today, we are proud to be specialist suppliers to a number of global luxury brands, providing premium jewellery pieces as well as exclusively customised services to discerning customers worldwide.

Our strength undoubtedly lies in the creation of unique gold bangles spanning a variety of ornate styles, designs and gem-stone settings, which adorn the wrists of women throughout the world. Additionally, we add sparkle to our customer’s wardrobe through unique couture jewellery that are created in affiliation with our sister companies. We take pride in the fact that our products are set apart from the rest due to our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, making them true objects of desire.

Synonymous with leadership and finesse, Itan Jewels is a glowing testament to achievement, a distinctly different brand that transforms dreams into reality.